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Electronic Packaging Laboratory

Electronic packaging was recognized as a “high impact area” by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) in 1997. In the same year, Electronic Packaging Laboratory (EPACK Lab) was founded. The founder director was Prof. Matthew Yuen from the Mechanical Engineering Department. In 2000, Prof. Ricky Lee from the Mechanical Engineering Department took over the directorship. Under the leadership of Profs. Yuen and Lee, EPACK Lab has become a well-equipped research center.

The major research activities of EPACK Lab in the beginning were related to conventional IC packaging. EPACK Lab was funded by Innovation Technology Commission (ITC) on the projects on wafer-level bumping process for flip chip assemblies and solder joint reliability assessments. The over HKD 15M fund allowed EPACK Lab to further equipped with state-of-art equipment. Now, EPACK Lab has extended its research activities to cover various topics include, microsystems packaging, solid-state lighting, system-in-package (SiP), medical electronic device packaging, and etc. The achievements are well recognized. The team has granted numerous awards in various international conferences.

CAMP's Missions

EPACK Lab has been providing professional services to companies and industries in the Pearl River Delta (PRD) region. The services provided by EPACK Lab include prototyping, process development, material characterization, reliability testing and failure analysis, and modeling and simulation. The team not only maintain a good relationship with industries in the PRD region, but also work closely with companies in Asia and the US. EPACK lab also cooperates with companies on technology transfer and R&D projects.

EPACK Lab provides facilities and technical supports to both undergraduate and postgraduate students in HKUST. EPACK Lab will continue to grow and provide outstanding professional services to the relevant communities of electronic packaging, and serve as a bridge between academic and industries.

Our Team

Prof. S. W. Ricky Lee

Prof. S.W. Ricky Lee


Dr. Xing Qiu

Dr. Mian Tao

Program Manager

Dr. Yuanjie Cheng

Dr. Yuanjie Cheng

Senior Technical Officer

Dr. Hua Xu

Dr. Hua Xu

Senior Technical Officer

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